3 Crosses

Read Luke 23:39 - 42

If we look around us we will see 3 crosses all over this state and several other places all over the country.

Thanks to Bernard Coffindaffer, a Marine veteran and a native of Craigsville, West Virginia, was the man behind the crosses. It was his desire to remind people that Jesus had been crucified at Calvary to forgive our sins and will be coming back again.

If we study these scriptures we find 3 distinctly different crosses on mount Calvary that day.

First we find the “Bitter Cross” in verse 39. This thief railed on Jesus saying basically “hey bigshot, get me out of this mess.” He’s in misery hanging and hurting. He can barely breathe. But his bitterness spews out and mocks the Lord Jesus. His mindset is that of an unbeliever. Pretty bad to go to Hell so close to the door to heaven.

Secondly we find the ”Believing Cross” in verses 40-42. He said to the bitter one don’t you fear God? Showing he believes there is a God. He believed in the repayment for deeds. The wages of sin is death and he’s experiencing that first hand. He believes God is just. ....we indeed justly receive the due reward for our deeds. He believes Jesus was sinless (nothing amiss) and that Jesus was God and King. He asked “remember me“ (King) when you come into your Kingdom. He asked for mercy and found it on the believing cross.

Lastly, we find in the middle the “Beloved Cross”. The Cross where the lovely Lord Jesus died on for you and me. In verse 43 there is tenderness, truth and treasure in his reply. His message to the believing one was a present message: “today”. His message was personal message:”shalt thou”. The message was a precious message: “with me“. His message was a promising message: ”in paradise“.

Isn't it great his message is the same today! Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved!

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