April 2 His Saving Ministry

GENESIS 22:8 “My son, God will provide Himself the lamb for a burnt offering.” CONSIDER THE IMPLICATIONS

Centuries before Jesus Christ was born, God said to Abraham, I want you to take your son that you love to a place I will show you, and there you are to offer your son. So, they went to Mt. Moriah, which later became the Temple Mount; it’s all the same limestone ridge as Calvary. Isaac looked around and he said, “Father, here’s the wood and the fire for the sacrifice. We’ve got the rope and the knife. Father, where’s the lamb?” Abraham choked back the tears. “You must trust me, my son. I don’t understand. I don’t know why. But son, you’re the sacrifice. Put out your hands; I must tie you.” And that son, strong and strapping, who could have overcome his elderly father, submitted and became a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. He stretched himself out there on the altar. Abraham lifted that gleaming knife and heard a voice. “Abraham, Abraham, don’t harm the lad. I have provided a substitute.” Abraham immediately discovered “a ram caught in a thicket.” The Hebrew word means a thicket of thorns. His head was caught in the brambles…in the thorns. Here on Mt. Moriah, God had preached the Gospel to Abraham. (See Genesis 22.)

Action Point

God has sworn by His holiness that all sin will be punished. There’s only one question: who will bear that punishment, you or Jesus? You, or the only One worthy to wear the tailor-made crown of thorns? Tell God what it means to you that He provided Himself (in the person of Jesus Christ) as the substitute for you at Calvary.

Adrian Rogers

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