April 20 The Deadly Triangle Of Sin

James 1:15 “Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

The last word in our verse is the word, “death”. If you look back through the verse from the word “death”, you will notice something rather interesting. Death is the child of sin and the grandchild of lust. Lust gives birth to sin, and sin gives birth to death. Together they form the deadly triangle of sin!

The fourteenth verse revealed that temptation and lust come together. Now, temptation and lust can produce nothing within themselves, but the seed is planted when lust becomes a willful act. You see, the devil cannot make us sin, but he can motivate us to. He can try to bring temptation and lust together in hopes that sin will be born.

The problem with sin is that sin has an end. The end is death! The devil will show you the enjoyment of sin, but not the end. He will show you enjoyment of living a life of drinking but not dying of liver disease. There are many examples of the fun side of sin, but there are just as many examples of the fatal side of sin. Lust, sin, and death weave a deadly triangle that no man can handle.

Our verse says, “Sin, when it is finished”. I have seen people live a life of sin, and then one day they said, “I’m through living a life of sin, I think I’ll change my ways”. You see they were finished with sin, but sin wasn’t finished with them. When the time came that they were willing to walk away from sin, they found out that sin had shackled them. It had built a chain, one link at a time. Sin had said, “You may be done with me, but I’m not done with you”.

We have all witnessed people who got out of the will of God, and turned to sin. Thank God they came back and found forgiveness. However, sin still had a major effect in their life. They went to an early grave because of this deadly triangle. Don’t allow lustful desires to lead you down sin’s road.

Pastor Rick Gravley

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