December 12th Miracle of the Menorah

Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

We began talking about Hannukah this week and I wanted to say one more thing regarding the special holiday. When the temple was retaken by the Maccabees and rededicated in 165 BC, they could only find one cruse of menorah oil which was not defiled. God had instructed that only a special mixture of very pure beaten olive oil was required to burn in the sacred lamp-stand.

Determined to keep Gods holy instruction for worship, they poured in the oil which filled the stand and was soaked up in the seven wicks. They lit the Holy Fire. Then they began to worship. The bottle held only enough oil to light one day but by God’s Grace the menorah burned for 8 complete days of worship. In fact, 8 was exactly the number of days it took to produce a new batch of Holy oil. The menorah never went out again! What a miracle Jehovah had sent!

Do you need a miracle? Do you know someone who needs a miracle? Our God has proven He is in the miracle business. Our God is the same today. If you want your light to shine He will supply all you need. Our God is the same God who used this faithful teenage virgin to bring forth Jesus our Savior. He‘s broken chains, opened prison doors, and resurrected the dead. He stopped the earth from spinning for a whole day so Joshua could win his battle. Do you think your need, your heart’s desire, your dream is too hard for Jesus?

What seems impossible to you? “With God nothing shall be impossible!”

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