February 15 Going Against The Tide

James 1:6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

It can be so easy to develop the mindset, “just go with the flow”. This seems to describe the world we are living in today. People are driven and tossed like a wave of the sea. They easily waver when it comes to culture, convictions and even Christianity. As the old saying goes, “they do not want to rock the boat.” Why is it like this today? What is the underlying problem with society? Why have we traded patriots for pacifists? Why have we traded conviction for compromise?

Our verse tells us, that it goes back to the key elements of Christianity. It has everything to do with faith and prayer. Notice, the first phrase of our verse tells us to ask the Lord in faith, with nothing wavering. Whenever we seek the Lord in prayer, we should exercise complete trust in his Word. It is the prayer of faith that moves the hand of God. We cannot afford to waver in prayer. We cannot give doubt a moment’s thought when laying our petition before Him. We must go against the tide of doubt, and be firm in our faith. Faith builds character and conviction. Faith builds strength and confidence. It gives stability when things around us are being driven and tossed. Too many so called “Christians” today are like a wave on the sea. They allow anything to move them from where they stand, and what they believe. They are afraid to go against the tide, for fear of what others might say, or do.

My friend, if we are going to see our prayers answered, and find God’s wisdom and direction in prayer, it is going to take faith that does not waver when the winds of this world blow against us. If we will stand firm on our knees in prayer, we can stand firm in a world that is vastly sinking.

Pastor Rick Gravley

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