January 18th More Blessed Than Ever!

Job 42:12 So the LORD Blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning.....

It is so good to know the best is yet to come. Job lost it all - his family, his flocks, his finances. And With friends like Jobs, who needs enemies? They were no help nor encouragement at all. The devil had been working his fiery darts in Jobs life and Job just couldn’t understand why all this was going on.

Job was suffering. Maybe you feel like Job today? Just can’t understand what is going on in your life? Wondering where God is? Well we all go through times like this. The good news is God is working it all for good. He promised. (Romans 8:28)

Maybe He‘s trying to get your attention. Maybe He is trying to give you a tremendous Testimony. Maybe He is testing your faith? His purpose is perfect whatever it is.

Job ended up with twice as much as before. Things looked pretty bad for a season. But God had a plan for Job and He has a plan for us. The good news for us as Christians is God has a “story book ending” planned for us: THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Job was more blessed than ever and we will be too. Alleluia!

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