January 30th Joy For The Journey

James 1:2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;

Life does not always go our way. There are mountain tops to enjoy, and valleys to walk through, as we journey along. James understands that his brethren are not only scattered throughout the region, but that they are facing difficult times. They are going through times of testing.

In our verse he uses the phrase, “divers temptations”. The word “divers” means “various”, and the word “temptations” refers to trials, or testings. We know that trials come in various forms and fashions. Each trial is unique within itself. James wants to encourage them that life for a Christian is not falling apart, but rather falling in place. Our responsibility is not to try to control the circumstances, but to control our spirit in the midst of trying circumstances. We must remain joyful, even when things do not turn out the way we plan.

James uses the word “count” in this verse. It is a financial term meaning “to evaluate”. When trying times come to our doorstep, we must be determined to find the joy that is within us. There is a difference between joy and happiness. It is a fact that happiness comes from happenings, but joy comes from knowing Jesus. This is how a child of God can still have joy as he journeys along. He is not looking around at life, but he is looking at life from within.

God uses the testings of life to mold us, make us, and mature us as we go along. Do not allow the things that you face rob you of the joy that is within you. Do not allow the trials of life to pull you away from your relationship with Christ. You need him more in the difficult times than ever before. Remember, if you will seek him and trust him, he will be with you, and give you a song in the night. He will give you joy for the journey! “

Pastor Rick Gravley

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