March 24 Gone

Matthew 28:6 He is not here: for He is risen, as he said.

I am so glad when they came resurrection morning Jesus was already gone. The words of one of my favorite songs say it best:

When Mary came unto the tomb of Jesus The stone was moved and he had gone away The angel said "fear not, the Lord is risen Don't seek the living here among the graves“

Gone, the stone is rolled back, Gone, the tomb is empty Gone, to sit at the Father's side Gone, over death triumphant Gone, sin is defeated Gone, He lives forevermore

Oh come with me and see the risen Savior Who still can turn the dark of death to day Who calms the storms of doubt, And parts the ocean Oh he can still roll your stone away

He's gone, the stone is rolled back He's gone, the tomb is empty Gone to sit by the father's side He's gone over death triumphant Gone, sin is defeated, Gone, He lives Forevermore

Oh what joy! Our Savior Lives!


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