May 12 The New Birth

James 1:18

“Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.”

Whenever we read this verse we think of the divine nature that is in man. We are “a kind of firstfruits of his creation”. When we consider God’s creation, the child of God is the highest and most honorable of them all. We have been purchased with the blood of his Son and sealed with his Holy Spirit. We have the divine nature of our Heavenly Father and the promise of eternal life.

Our new birth is a product of the will of God, the Word of God, and the wisdom of God. It is of his own will that he has given us the new birth. He has revealed it to us through his Word. We are both saved and kept by the power of his Word. Finally, the new birth reveals the great wisdom of the Almighty. What wisdom, in that he could take a fallen creature and make him a new creation. A creation that is greater than it was before. This is the new birth, and the divine nature, that he imparts to the sinner at the moment of salvation.

If you have experienced the new birth, then you should never get over it. You should never be ashamed to share it with others. Tell them how Christ has made you whole. Let the world see that you are not the person that you used to be. Living a Christian life means that we have a higher birth, so we live a higher life. We have been changed from the inside out!

Do you know that you have been saved today? Do you have a new nature? Can you truly say that you have passed from death unto life? Salvation will produce a change in those who possess it. Being born again means you desire the things of God because you possess his nature within your heart.

Rick Gravley

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