Social Distancing & Your Holy Happiness

Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the screenful.

In Psalm 1 God gives his instructions on how to be blessed. “Blessed“ here means to be happy and the Hebrew Word means multiplied happiness. In verse 1 He begins with His social distancing plan leading to blessings.

We find God’s Heart is interested in giving us joy - blessed. He uses difficult times to develop us but His grand plan for us is great gladness! Instructions are given in the verse on how: walk not, stand not, sit not. Individual social distancing is key.

We find 3 key instructions in this verse enabling blessing:

First we are not to listen to the ungodly man. Don’t even get close enough to hear his advice. No wisdom dwells in the ungodly and we don’t need bad advice. Sound counsel only comes from God’s Word and will. Seek out the Godly advice of the Bible and folks who know it - and live it. Surrender to Jesus counsel and have liberty and joy. The Closer I get to Jesus the more distant I am from the ungodly man.

Secondly, we are not to linger with the sinner man. Stand means to stay in one place, or dwell. Don’t stand with sinners for they are contagious. Bad speech, bad attitudes, bad hearts, bad behaviors can land on you just as quick as corona virus. They are deadly to maintaining a blessed life. Be very careful who your companions are. They may seem sound but often sheep’s clothing is there attire. Distance yourself before the wolf Comes out.

Next, we are not to laugh with the scornful man. Many express openly their dislike for godliness and morality. The things of God are not to be made fun of or criticized. There will be a high price for those who do such things. The scorners always want company. They try to drag others into criticism and mocking. Don’t let it be you. They will drag you away from the Holy Happiness God’s intended for you. Put a big social distance between you and the scorning trouble maker.

Lastly a comment on the entire Psalm. God clearly gives us his plan for holy happiness in these verses: avoid sin (verse 1), absorb scripture (verse 2), and abundantly produce fruit (verse 3). Amen in each of us.

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